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About Grow & Gather Flower Farm

We started our farm in 2021 on a whim and a big dream to bring sustainable local flowers to our new found home. We think its so important to be local farmers, and we are happy to be part of this flourishing community in Duncan, BC.

We care what goes into our bodies and what goes on the earth, and strive to hold the highest standard of farming practices. We are proud to be stewards of our land which gives such abundance in return.

In 2023, we changed our farm name from The Locavore Gardens to Grow & Gather in spirit of growing beauty and and gathering community over sustainable flowers. We made the decision to direct our sales to solely cut flower production for Vancouver Island. We offer a range of seasonal and specialty cut flowers, supplied either as DIY bulk buckets for Do-It-Yourself weddings and events, custom flower arrangements for events, selling at the Duncan & Cedar Farmers Market, and through wholesale to florist through Island Flower Growers Co-op.


Because being apart of the local flower sector, we help mitigate the copious amounts of travel oversees. We can guarantee none of our flowers are sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides, meaning our flowers are safe to bring into your home. Local flowers, offer the most unique qualities, vase life length and beautiful scents. And lastly we are helping support our local economy by choosing to support local growers.

Our farmers market season runs from April till October.

Individual bunches of flowers can also be purchased for farm pick-up or delivery from our website shop.

We are dedicated to bringing quality flowers from our farm to your home and lastly, thank you for being apart of our journey as first generation farmers!

Léana & Spencer

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